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Travel Express Golf


golf holidays across Europe and around the world

IAGTO Certificate

Welcome to Travel Express Golf, Poland’s premier tour operator for golf holidays across Europe and around the world.  Our team comprises avid golfers and seasoned travel professionals, ensuring your golfing adventures are expertly managed with passion and expertise.  In 2005, we became Poland’s first member of IAGTO, the world’s largest and most prestigious Golf Tour Operator organization.

We are genuine golf enthusiasts who have personally visited and played on golf courses in most of the destinations we offer.  In instances where we haven’t explored a region ourselves, we leverage our extensive network of IAGTO professional golf partners to assist in planning your dream golf vacation.


Unique Golf Vacations Worldwide:

From Europe to the USA,  Canada, Australia, Thailand, India, Mauritius, South Africa and beyond, we create unforgettable golf vacations tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.

Unique Tee Time Reservations:

We reserve tee times even on the most sought-after golf courses worldwide, ensuring you have access to the best golfing experiences.

NEW!! In North America, we can now reserve tee times on many of the most famous private golf courses.

These so-called ‘Bucket List’ golf courses are in many cases impossible to play on for normal golfers. We make it possible !

At Travel Express, we deliver exceptional service and unforgettable experiences, ensuring your golf holiday exceeds all your expectations.

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